On Friday the 27th of September we had an intimate and fun IB certificates ceremony at our wonderful school. Nearly all 50 students were there, except for 2 working or travelling abroad. IB Diploma marks range from 1 to 7. We’ve handed out a just few 3s, many 4s and 5s and even THREE sixes!  An amazing achievement for students who have studied English as their second language. Although it’s a fun and festive evening, the idea that we’ll see most of these kids for the last time, at least at school, also makes it a somewhat emotional one. Many parents came up to us and wanted to thank us for all these years that we had taken care of their little ones. Well, little? Not anymore. We had a full room of grown-ups and students, no longer school kids. I wish you could have seen it. Seriously. This is, next to the regular ‘diploma-uitreiking’, THE night to celebrate all that we as a (bilingual) school have accomplished, students and colleagues together.